Viola Elizabeth (Oda / Odie) Lambert

(February 10, 1905 - May 01, 1973)

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Born: February 10, 1905 at Oklahoma Certified Father: Calender Moses (Cal) Lambert (February 21, 1876 - January 21, 1921)
Died: May 01, 1973 (burial location, Google Earth) Certified Mother: Dovie Lee Wilson (November 05, 1886 - March 09, 1917)
Children: Elois Lee Mitchell (Restricted)
Juanita Fay Mitchell (Restricted)
Susie May Mitchell (Restricted)
Jackie Ray Mitchell (Restricted)
Shirley Fay Mitchell (Restricted)
Clarence J. Mitchell (Restricted)
Cal Leon Mitchell (Restricted)
Siblings: Infant Girl Lambert (1901 - 1901)
Effie Mae Lambert Brock (March 06, 1903 - October 14, 1989)
Doc William Joseph Jackson (Jake) Lambert (February 12, 1907 - June 23, 1967)
John Wesley James Edward (Ed) Lambert (December 19, 1909 - November 00, 1985)
Thomas Moses [Columbus?] (Tom) Lambert (Restricted)
Susie Arthusan Julie Ann (Susie) Lambert (Restricted)
Gertie Irene Pearl Lambert (Restricted)

Jack Woody Mitchell on January 00, 1924 Certified


Married Jan. 1924 to Jack Woody MITCHELL. Children: (1) Eloise Lee MITCHELL, (2) Juanita Fay MITCHELL, (3) Susie May MITCHELL, (4) Jackie Ray MITCHELL (twin of Shirley Fay), (5) Shirley Fay MITCHELL (twin of Jackie Ray), (6) Clarence J. MITCHELL, and (7) Cal Leon MITCHELL /////*****/////*****/////*****/////*****///// NOTE ABOUT LAMBERT FAMILY PHOTO BELOW: According to information handwritten on the back of my copy of the LAMBERT FAMILY photo below, Dovie Lee WILSON LAMBERT is the young woman holding the baby boy in the back row of the Lambert Family photo. The baby is her son, Jake Lambert. To the right of Dovie is her mother, Julia Ann (Julie) GREEN WILSON. In front of the two women are two of Dovie Lambert's daughters, Effie and Viola LAMBERT. Dovie's husband, Cal, is not in the photo. Other children and adults (left half of photo) are members of the Bill Lambert Family [My guess is that this is the family of William Wesley Lambert - born 1870 - but the photo lists no other family member names except those already listed here.] The photo says it was taken "about 1907" - in which case, Jake would be several months old, Effie would be about four, and Viola (Oda) would be about two. My guess is that it may have been taken at any time between late 1907 and 1909, as Dovie's next child (Ed) wasn't born until December 1909. // ***** // ***** // ***** // ***** // NOTE 2: In the larger group photo below (taken about 1917), Effie Lambert is the taller girl in the white blouse standing to the right of the horse. Her sister, Viola (also wearing a white blouse), is standing next to her. In front of Viola (the 4th small child / a little girl) is their younger sister, Susie. Other family members are likely in the photo as well, however, these three are the only ones I can currently identify.

Image Gallery

Viola (Odie) and Jack MItchell and Granddaughter - Kiowa, OK
Jack and Viola Mitchell
Families of Bill and Cal Lambert - Taken about 1907
Lambert Family
Effie (by horse) & Viola Lambert, & Susie in front of Viola
Lambert Family /Effie by horse

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